So long, farewell, goodbye. The Sound of Music comes to a stunning end.

After months of preparation, hours of nonstop work, and countless amounts of emotion, the musical production has come to an abrupt end. For the seniors, it’s their last go around. For everyone else, the show must simply go on. The beauty of the lights falling on the handmade dining room area, the crystal glowing lights on the beautiful gazebo, and the twinkle in everyone’s eyes showed it was truly an event to remember every night.


With a great reception and big expectations to meet it truly was put up or shut up for the theatre department. Three hundred to four hundred people filled the auditorium each night and the pressure to give these people their money’s worth increased drastically. Local TV station KQ2 even featured Kiefer Huff, Kori Trautloff, James Henderson III, Amanda Kephart, Samantha Simmons,  Jillian Lysaght, Kelsea Westbrook, and Shelby Myers to help further promote the impressive musical.


As tradition would have it the full cast and crew would go out to eat after the show. On sunday after the show senior send off is always shown and is filled with tears. The cast and crew ate at Buffalo Wild Wings, Spiced their taste buds up at Chili’s, Ate a full stack at IHop, and, as always, filled their tummies at CiCi’s Pizza. As for the senior send off it left Coach Heard in a loss for words.


The five shows were phenomenal. Racking up a loyal audience as it has over years, the show truly played like a great instrument. Kori Trautloff (playing Maria) captured the audience’s heart with her dazzling performance of “Do Re Mi” and “Few of My Favorite Things”. Kiefer Huff (playing Captain Von Trapp) complemented Kori very well with his deeper, more sophisticated voice, and looked great thanks to Men’s Warehouse’s contribution with supplying Captain Von Trapp style Tuxedos and suits.


As history has shown, the most minor of characters can serve as an amazing attribute to a show as the main characters themselves. With the seven kids of Liesel, Friedrich, Kurt, Louisa, Bridgitta, Marta, and Gretyl played by the amazing talents of Amanda Kephart, Stone Cole, James Henderson III, Samantha Simmons, Shelby Myers, Jillian Lysaght, and Kelsea Westbrook. The Captain’s kids proved to be a vital part of the performances, and only grew better as the show went on.


The band was phenomenal as always, giving an excellent sound to meet the great singing directed by David Groth. There were technical issues and a few sound problems as well but from a technical standpoint everything was mostly solid. The House Manager Jordan Richardson, and his ushers were both professional and polite.

To end on a good note, The Sound of Music was yet another groundbreaking performance for the Lafayette Theatre Department, and to the 19 seniors leaving great job and the future will be great in your favor..

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