Lafayette choir sends ten to All-Distirct Choir

Dozens of kids cram into one hallway, some are humming under their breaths, others reviewing key signatures. Some students look received, other like they’re about to puke. Still others are crying, grief stricken with “utter failures” in sight reading. This event can only be one thing: All District Choir auditions. On Saturday, September 14th, several Lafayette students went to Missouri Western State University to audition for this prestigious choir. Out of the students who auditioned ten made it. These students include:

Kori Trautloff, Soprano 12
Abigale Widener, Soprano 10
Jenica Bohon, Alto 11
Sylvia Brand, Alto 12
Brie’Asia Harris, Alto 11
Amanda Kephart, Alto 12
Andrew Wolf, Tenor 12
Jacob Wright, Tenor 12
Stone Cole, Bass 12
Dalton Ellis, Bass 11

David Groth, Lafayette’s choir director, had this to say about his students:

“I’m really proud of these students, because I think that they worked even harder this year than they did last year and that’s why we have so many this year.”
To get into All District Choir, students have to go prepare a solo to sing to a panel of judges as well as sightread. In sight reading, students identify key signatures for both sharps and flats, read a line of their own part, as well as a line in which the other three parts sing as well. Mr. Groth also had this to say about the audition process:
“… so, it’s actually a lot harder than most people think to get into All Districts, so it’s even more astounding how many students we have because of how difficult it is.”

These singers will attend an all-day clinic rehearsal and performance on October 26 at Platte County High School in Platte City. Juniors and Seniors in the group will also have the chance to audition for All State Choir by singing a Latin piece to a panel of judges. Their score at the All District choir, and their sight reading score for All District auditions will be added together to determine whether or not they make it to All State.

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