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Our best choir so far this year is Men’s Choir. Their best song was The Two Sisters, composed by Joshua Shank. Four out of nine of the nine gentleman had a solo in it. The soloists were: Anthony Burley, Dakota Hensley, Kamron Kuritz, My’Tias Rowland.

Whenever the preformed the auditorium was entirely silent, and after each of their songs the audience erupted with applause. You could tell most of the boys were into their music, and they’re facial expressions made you able to feel the emotions of the songs. It felt like you were actually experiencing it.

I asked some people that were at the choir concert about what they thought of them and here is what they said:

“Well in my strongest opinion I believe men’s choir was the best. I am in Chamber, which is the highest honor choir, and the fact that men’s choir is better than us, to tell the truth, it’s a little scary. I mean we had the same time to rehearse the songs, sure they might have less people than us, but they shouldn’t be the best. Sure they should be good, but one would think that the highest honor choir should be somewhat better than the rest. But that’s not a bad thing, I congratulate them, it was an impressive performance, I will be looking forward to their next performance!” -TJ Dunken

“In the past years our men’s choir have been average. This year they have really stepped up to the plate and really blew everyone away. Their voices were so amazing and blended well. I also enjoyed The Two Sisters with all of the soloists. Great job boys and continue to do great things.” -Paycence Dawson

I asked some of the Men’s choir boys how they felt about being in Men’s Choir this year, and how the felt the choir went and they all said:

“It is very entertaining, and I feel it helps connect us as people,” said Kamron Kuritz.

Jayson Glidewell said, “Well I think it is a good thing to learn about music it helps us grow and expand our minds. It is an active class, everyone in my class loves it even if they don’t show it, but I think everyone needs a music class so they can have some sort of interaction with people and music at the same time.”

“Well I think we did good all in as a choir. Mr. Hansen has helped all of the Men’s choir with their solos helping us be louder, and I think we did pretty well for the first choir performance,” Dakota Hensley told me.

My’Tias Rowland  exclaimed, “This year has been great! Even though I miss Mr.Groth, we have a wonderful new teacher and for this being his first year teaching, he is great at his job already! Mr. Hansen has us (men’s choir) at the top of game! and with our next choir concert coming up, I hope we can blow the crowd away as we did our first time!”

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