Theater Starts to Fly

Every year, Lafayette  puts on a Musical production that becomes one of the major events of the fall. This year’s choice is “Bye, Bye Birdie.” This musical takes a satirical view on American society in 1958. It was inspired by the story of the famous Elvis Presley and his draft notice “a top story,” in 1957.

Besides the script being full of comedy and even romance to our Lafayette theatre buffs, auditioning for a spot in the production, is no laughing matter. To some people, the musical is the highlight of their high school year. Seniors like Arianna Davis says, “Being apart of theatre is not just a class. We’re a huge family. I can’t imagine my high school career without these guys! They will always be my family.” As a fellow theatre lover just getting to be apart of the magic is enough.

Going through auditions can seem scary. Contestants are purposely subjecting themselves to being judged and compared to others, showcasing what they got all the while trying not melt into a puddle under the scrutiny. As nerve racking as the process may be, it’s still fun to meet with the teachers and get a taste of the play.

At auditions the contestants were broken into groups for dancing, singing, and acting. Then they were rotated until everyone had a chance to show off their various degrees of expertise. I would like to personally commend all the people who tried out. I would also like to extend a congratulations to everyone who made the musical. Congratulations to Izzy Myers, Charles Whitmill, Abby Weidner, and Anthony Burley for snagging the lead roles. You can find the rest of the cast list on here as well.

I’m excited to see the show this fall and also being apart of the process of bringing the stage to life. The head of the theatre department and the show’s director, Doctor Heard says, “We have a very talented group! It’s going to be an awesome show. I can’t wait to get started.” Be waiting for the latest news on all things theatre.

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