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Pac-Man Assortment is the game where a few new things are added to make the game different, which includes power-ups for your ghostly enemies. The newest member of the ghost band is a ghost who you can chomp on any time you can get him, and it’s best to get him quickly as if he gets to another ghost before you get him, he’ll give them a super upgrade which makes them stronger and faster, plus giving them new abilities. There are also Speed Boosters that if you use correctly, you can confuse the ghosts, stunning them for a short time. It plays like any other Pac-Man game, but these special parts make it more interesting.

PacMania is a very special Pac-Man game because it is the first to allow Pac-Man to jump over the ghost that chase him. This allows for easy getaways and avoiding. The small problem that appears later in the game is a green ghost that can jump as well, but if you time your jump just right, you can jump over this little jumper.

The main objective of both these games is to munch down on all the pellets to complete the levels. This is easy if you are a pro-gamer in Pac-Man. Happy Gaming!


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