“Baby Got Books” – Music Video

To promote the Read Strong Program, a few leadership students created, “Baby Got Books,”  the music video. Senior Onna Farris and Sophomore Xaiver Kurth wrote the lyrics and recorded the vocals. Onna also directed the music video with the help of Mrs. Paolillo and Mr. Matt. It was edited by  Zoey Haynes and Mrs. Paolillo.

The Read Strong Program is designed to increase literacy. Students are asked to read for twenty minutes each day in different class periods throughout the week. Monday is first hour, Tuesday is second hour, Wednesday is XFL, Thursday is third hour, and Friday is fourth hour. Students, don’t forget your reading material.

We would also like to thank Mrs. Newby, Mrs. Hale, all of the extras. Great job.

KQ2 has also covered our story on StJoeChannel.com. Click here for more.

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