Grayson’s guide to creating a club

Hello everyone out there, it’s time for another one of my guides. Today I’m giving you a guide about creating your very own club. If you want to create your own club, but don’t know where to start, I have some tips that can help you get started. You do need a couple of things before you go ask a teacher to sponsor you. These things are critical to having a club and how you can keep the Lafayette club tradition alive for years to come.When I asked Mr. John Davis on the requirements, he said

“There has to be someone who is willing to sponsor it, it has to have an appropriate topic, meaning what your club is based on, must be open to everyone, and finally your club must perform some type of function for the school, whether it’s education enrichment or helps out the school in some way.”

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Finding A Sponsor- If you want to create a club, then you have to find a teacher that could sponsor your club and pick the best day for the club to meet. Try to find a sponsor that knows what your club is about, but if that doesn’t work, at least find someone who can provide a room for you to do your club activities in. This is one of the most important things for a club. Usually asking a teacher that knows you well, or knows what you like can help when you are looking for a sponsor. Also make sure that the club in open to everyone.

A Good Theme or Topic- Find a theme that can help benefit yourself, others and the school as a whole. Try to come up with a theme or gimmick that the members like and that everyone can agree on. Get a group together and think of some ideas that would be fun and would attract a bunch of people. Make sure it is school appropriate and can help the school in some shape or form.

Perform Some Function for the School- Lastly the club has to contribute to the school, either with some education enrichment, or helps the school physically in some way. For example, Mr. Derek Frieling’s Dead Patriots Society teaches history while Mrs. Elizabeth Jones and Mrs. Kathy Green’s Chem Club teaches science. Even Mrs. Cassie Harshman’s Anime Club, teaches students about other cultures and entertainment from other countries. Your club needs to have something that could help the school out, like Mrs. Tarla Leeson’s Science Club takes out the recycling after school, Mr. Stephen Kibler and Mr. Derek Frieling’s Academic Team provides achievements and awards for the school. Your club will have to have something along this line when you decide on what your club will do.

So there you have it, those are some tips that can help you when you are deciding to start a club. Just make sure you have a general idea of what kind of club you want and just follow my tips and you will hopefully succeed.

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