Til we graduate

The twinkle in our eyes

The light in our smile

Only one more month

Til’ we’re walking down the aisle..


Twelve long years and it must all come to an end

For we must look deep down inside ourselves

We must search from far within


Our souls swerve around together

Glistening like a bay

We’ll remember this moment forever

After the day we graduate in May…


The glitz, glamor, and dazzle of prom

To the despair of championship and fame

We continue to brighten up the world like a thrill riding glory bomb

In our final attempt to make us a name..


For we look to leave a mark on many

So we’ll never be forgotten

We strive to forge our life’s destiny

So we can sew our success together like beautiful piece cotton


Nobody quite knows what the future has in store for us

It’s a mystery we must say

For we’ll enjoy this final month of April

Til’ the day we graduate in May…

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