Attention Juniors in Missouri

As of this year the ACT will be mandatory for all juniors to take, even if you’re not planning on going to college. The junior class was informed about this Monday March 23, many of them weren’t very interested in having to take such a long test. Mr. Early told us how it is beneficial to us, we get to take a free ACT which usually would cost 50 dollars (15 dollars to send it to each college you want). April 28th is the day of the test we will go to our assigned classroom. To get us in the spirit Mr. Early and Mr. Miscavish are tweeting out memes everyday on their twitter accounts. ( Mr. Early’s twitter is @mrearlylhs and Mr. Miscavish’s twitter is @jmiscavish ) follow them for daily memes. April 8th we went to our assigned classrooms and filled out a packet asking about our grades, colleges you are interested in, and our likes and dislikes. There is a bunch of stress for juniors, we have to prepare ourselves to the best of our ability (with the help of our teachers of course) in order to get a good score. If you are a little scared about the ACT, that you will get a low score or whatever it may be you will always be able to take a it again it will just cost you 50 dollars and remember that they always keep your best score if you are planning on taking it more than once.

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