Band Day for the Irish

On September 26 Lafayette’s band headed to Carrollton, MO for their band competition. Every year they practice very hard to prepare for their competition. Once the band members arrived at Carrollton they had some free time to go and watch other bands perform. Mr. Schreiman has worked very hard preparing these music loving kids to be ready for this competition. A few students that went on this trip to Carrollton is  Charli Moore, Briley Blessing, Phillip Kanke, Kye Rader, and Cara Adams. After their free time to go watch other bands they got into uniform and got their instruments ready. They warmed up and got ready to troop the field. After their performance they had more free time and during that free time they got results back. Unfortunately, Lafayette’s band placed 10th, which was last place. I spoke with Charli Moore and she said, “Our performance at Carrollton this year was better than out performance this year.” I am hopeful that with more practice that the band can advance next year and place higher than they did last year and this year. Mr. Schreiman is hard at work to improve the band more. The dedication and love between everyone in the band is incredible and they are headed towards great things.

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