Congratulations Class of 2016

It’s official, the votes are in from the Senior Poll for the Senior Class of 2016! You have the most talkative ones, a teacher’s worst nightmare, best gossipers, teacher’s pet, most likely to succeed, the most artistic, the hall roamers, the most athletic, biggest pit stains, class clown’s, party animals, the one’s who will still be living at home at 30, the most unforgettable, the most talented, the most shy, the counselor shadowers, the cutest couple, the most stubborn ones, the most gullible, the most chill (relaxed), most likely to marry for money, the most spirited, the drama king and queen, the biggest eaters, the most unique, biggest/loudest mouths, daredevils, and best friends (boys/girls). The most talkative ones are Jerris Wolf and Paige Lemon. A teacher’s worst nightmare is Jeremiah Paden and Kylee Daniels. The best gossiper’s are My’tias Rowland and Lauren Weigart.  The teacher’s pet’s are Sam Moore and Lauren Weigart. The one’s who are most likely to succeed are Victor Boynton, Kelsey Kendall, and Madison Heath.  Garrett Fleck and Lilly Inscho are the most artistic. The hall roamer’s are Teddy Butterfield, Breanna Becerra, and Kristen Pearce.  Dae’mon Stone May and Kelsey Sollars are the most athletic. The one’s who have the biggest pit stains are Sam Moore and Gabby Pierce. The class clowns are Haze Gaddie and DJ Weston. The party animals are Gary Wilkinson and Jaidelynn Axtell. The ones who will still be living at home at 30 are Wyatt Edmondson and Ashlyn Frye. The most unforgettable ones are Haze Gaddie and Brooklynn Wattenbarger. The most talented are Anthony Burley and Abbie Widener. The most shy people are Tyler Asher and Lilly Inscho.  The ones who shadow the counselors are My’Tias Rowland and Kelsey Sollars. The most stubborn is Bryson Searcy and Mackensie Murphy. The cutest couple is Haze Gaddie and Cheyenne Dunkle. The most gullible goes out to Alec Langston and Paige Lemon.  The most chill (relaxed) is Izzy Reyes and Jadielynn Axtell. The ones who most likely to marry for money are Teddy Butterfield and Lauren Weigart.  The most spirited is Jerris Wolf and Brooklynn Wattenbarger. The drama king is Nate Byous and the drama queen is Tessa McKinley. The biggest eaters are Brandon Hall and Jadielynn Axtell. The most unique ones are Haze Gaddie and Jillian Lysaght. The biggest/loudest mouth goes out to Jerris Wolf and Brooklynn Wattenbarger. The dare devils are Tyler Turner and Caycee Woods.  Lastly, you have the best friends (boys/girls), the boy best friends are Kobe Martin and Cole Lehman and the girl best friends are Katlynn Davis and Tessa McKinley. This is all for your Senior Class of 2016 from the Senior Poll!  Congratulations to the ones who got elected!

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