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Choir is doing a fundraiser right now because they’re underfunded. We didn’t even have enough money for new music before we started it, so Mr.Hansen decided to have two different ones. We really need help, because we have a December concert, contest, and Standing Room Only (SRO) yet to come. We need new music to be able to do these things, and we also have to have money to hire a band to play for SRO.

The first fundraiser we did is Super Saver cards, we’ll be selling them until November 11th and they’re $5 each. It has restaurants and other places from around town on it, and the items or activities are buy one get one free.

The second fundraiser we are doing is called Homemade Holidays, and has different items you can purchase as gifts including, food, candy, knick knacks, candles, wrapping paper, and many more things. The prices are different depending on the item, but students get prizes from selling items. This fundraiser ends November 5th. You can also order from this fundraiser online by going to, click “SHOP NOW”, and enter the online ID code: 4323861. The code is so that it send the money to our school, and you can put who you’re ordering for when you visit the site.

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