Oh My It’s Districts!

Auditions for all district choir were September 19th at Missouri Western. Four people from Lafayette made it. District choir is a combination of different singers from different high schools in the surrounding areas. They audition and have to meet a certain criteria (which includes singing a solo piece and sight reading) in order to make it. The people who made it are:

Abigale Widener: Soprano

Zoe Moore: Alto

Anthony Burley: Bass

Phillip Kanke: Bass

I asked the students what tryouts were like and here’s what they said: “It was very stressful to try out for Districts. I mean you get pretty nervous when you see kids walking out of the judges rooms crying their eyes out. But at the end of the day I went home feeling very confident about how my tryout went, I am really looking forward to singing at districts with everyone who made it.” ­Phillip Kanke “MY GOODNESS I felt like I messed up so badly; I was very surprised that I actually made it to districts, but I’m extremely happy that’s for sure. This year I was so bad at the sight reading that I actually came out crying. So stressful.” ­Zoe Moore “It was super nerve wracking! No one walks out of the room thinking they made it to districts ­ me included ­ but I couldn’t be more excited. I loved it last year and I’m sure I’ll love it this year.” Abigale Widener “It was VERY intimidating.” ­Anthony Burley

Updated Schedule:

Oct. 24th All Day District Choir Perf/All-State Auditions Platte City HS

Nov. 5-8th 7pm, 2pm Bye Bye Birdie Performances LHS Auditorium

Nov. 12th 7:00pm Fall Concert LHS Auditorium

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