Choir is State Bound

On Friday April 1st, Small Ensemble and Solo contest took place at Central High School. Many of our people received good scores. You’re scored on a scale of 1-5, 1 is the highest score that you can get. Our Mixed 8 small ensemble received a 1, and will be going to state. The people in mixed 8 are: Sopranos- Abigale Widener (senior), Kelsea Westbrook (senior) Altos- Zoe Moore (senior), Jo’Anna Harris (junior) Tenors- Royale’ Majewski (junior), Phillip Kanke (freshman) Basses- Alaric Scates (sophomore), Todd Dunken II (sophomore). They will be going to Columbia, Missouri on April 29th to compete to get a 1 again.

The students that received a 1 on their solos (and will be going to state for them) are:

Abigale Widner (senior)

Zoe Moore (senior)

Briley Blessing (sophomore)

Dakota Symington (freshmen)

The students that received a 2 on their solos:

Royale’ Majewski (junior)

Jo’Anna Harris (junior)

Alaric Scates (sophomore)

Todd Dunken II (sophomore)

Phillip Kanke (freshmen)

I asked student Todd Dunken II what it was like to perform at contest and how his experience performing his solo differed from performing with Mixed 8 and he said, “It was my first year doing this, I kind of regret not doing it my freshmen year. It was a blast, and now I get to go to state! But the difference between performing my solo and being in mixed eight is that in the room we performed our mixed eight pieces;(Don’t Listen To The Hammer Ring,The Wayfaring Stranger) there was an actual audience in that room. Where as in my solo room it was just the judge and Jordyn. But other than that I can’t think of any other difference other than there were seven other singers up there with me during mixed eight.”

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