Off to Districts and State for IT

This school year the Industrial Arts and Metal Works are going to districts to compete for a place in the state finals. From the Woodshop and IT compartments Mr. Toalson kindly answered the questions asked. Such questions are, “Who are some of the kids that are going to districts this year?” “About how many pieces of work are they bringing?” and “When and where are districts and state?” Mr. Toalson and Mr.Klein gave me a few names of their students going and it will go in order of which grade they are in:

Names from Mr.Toalson’s                 Grade  # of Items

Sebastian Shaiffer 12 1
Cody Sprague 12 3
Faith Williams 12 1
Rebecca Williams (Manager) 12 0
Austin Clark 11 1
Travis Sprague 11 1
Noah Steidel 11 1
Dalton Bodfield 10 1
Jazmyn Martin 10 1
Keelly Peterson 10 1
Amber Oswald 9 1
Catalina Serrano 9 1
Dylan Tovey 9 1

Names from Mr. Klein’s        Grade  # of items

Moira Auxier 12 3
Victor Boynton 12 3
Dereck Heineman 11 1
Matt Job 11 3
Skyler Pribble 11 1
Trenton Prothero 11 3
Corbin Grothe 10 1
River Sisk 10 3
Aiyana Stewart 10 1
Ashton Pilgram 9 1
Stephan Swope 9 1

This makes a total of approximately 34 projects going to Missouri Western State University on April 22, 2016 for the MO TEAMS districts and IT district’s competition. However, Skyler Pribble and possibly more will attend the TSA at Missouri State from April 24-26 of 2016. While the information will come back after districts for the IT competitors their state competition will be held at the Lake of the Ozarks from May 2-3 of 2016 and they hope to have many students qualify for it.

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