New Club Sponsor Reveals All

Mr. Kleine is the new sponsor for Anime Club. This means that it will take place in his classroom. My friend Hunter Jones, had the thought, “What about interviewing Mr. Kleine?” So I proceeded to venture down to room 1 and ask Mr. Kleine 3 simple questions. After talking to him I then asked him the first question. “How did you become the sponsor for Anime Club?” He replied with, “Chris Grimm asked me to and since I was already into it in Highschool and College I thought it would be a good opportunity to learn more about anime.” In case you are wondering Chris Grimm is the president of Anime club

I then continued and then asked the second question I had which was, “What is your favorite anime?” he then answered quickly with, “Dragon Ball Z.”  Hunter Jones, Mr. Kleine and myself  had broken into conversation about the series. I  got us back on track and asked him the third question. “What reasons do you think someone should join Anime Club?” He gave me three reasons the first is because it is a really fun experience, the second is because they have really cool and fun activities, and the third is because you will learn about the culture of anime and even Japan. Anime Club is truly a great experience and a lot of fun you can do most anything related to Anime there. If you really enjoy any of those things and if you are an Otaku (Someone who loves Japanese and Anime culture) you should really think about joining, experiencing, and being apart of Anime Club.

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