Art Club’s Creativity is Rolling

Are you interested in drawing, painting, sculpting, or anything creative?  If you are, why not try out Art Club!  It’s every Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:00pm in room 101W and 103W.  That is in Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Wood’s classrooms.  Mrs. Wood is the sponsor of Art Club and the co-sponsor is Mrs. Wells.  You can create artwork to your own satisfaction or work on any artwork that you are missing in any art class. You can  be creative and have fun!  You can also play games and meet new friends while attending Art Club.  In the month of November, they will paint a Christmas scene at Northbelt K-Mart on the windows.  In order to be in Art Club for you to do anything is $5 because they are part of the National Art Honor Society (N.A.H.S.).  They paint murals and go visit museums and there is no cost if you’re a member of Art Club.  They will soon be going to Tobiason Studios to do glasswork for them.  If all this sounds fun to you, why not try it out?  So, head on down to Art Club after school every Thursday and see if Art Club is for you!  Just have a good time and enjoy yourself.

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