Great Reviews for Speech and Debate

With the first competition being completed for Speech in Debate we are left with stunning results:

Results from Park Hill varsity:

Jayla Atkinson 6th place overall poetry

Olivia Harris 14th place overall poetry

Bailee Culver 20th place overall poetry

Oak Park Novice (JV) results:

Kat Todd (Kali Todd) 1st place overall poetry

Aleigha Hammett 12th place (breaks to semifinals) poetry

Trinity Isaacs 13th place overall poetry

Malik May 13th place prose

Amber Oswald 15th place storytelling

Hailey Goerhing – 13th place humorous interpretation

Now there is one place that stands out of all of these results. Kali Todd, whom achieved first place overall in Junior Varsity. Now the others that are worth mentioning is Jayla Atkinson who achieved sixth place overall poetry for Varsity! And Aleigha Hammett, who broke to semifinals by achieving 12th place in poetry. Both of these are amazing feats, so I decided to set down with first year competitor Kali Todd and discuss about her victory.

What was it like to perform for the first time?

Well, it wasn’t as scary I wI first thought it would be, It was a lot easier and I am was calmer than I thought I would be.

What does achieving first place do for you as a person?

Makes me a lot more confident about the things I do, it makes me feel as if I try hard at things it is possible for me to do well.

What was the first thing someone told you once they found out you took first place overall?

Mr. Miscavish said now they can’t say anything about my tattoos, he meant to say my piercings.

Reflecting back on our previous interview how do you feel now?

I feel great, I am prepared now.

Are you looking forward to travelling down to Maryville?

Yes. Because it is my second tournament and this time I am going to be in Varsity.

What is your overall goal for this year in Speech and Debate?

Not cry while performing.

What was your favorite thing about competing?

Talking to people, everyone was really nice, even though it was little intimidating at first.

Now this is a stunning feat completed by a first time competitor. Even the ones who achieved not so great of a spotting Lafayette overall did really good. Keep in mind that all of these competitions are out of 60 people, so being spotted at 15th or even 20th place is not that bad at all! Next time you hear from me reporting on Speech and Debate it’ll hopefully be about another victory for Lafayette’s Speech and Debate team.

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