If It’s Not Fun, I’m Out!

Dead Patriots Society, or DPS, is a club founded by Mr. Frieling about sixteen years ago. Mr. Frieling says he initially started the club because he wanted someone to play historical themed board games with, (his family refused to continue playing because he always won). Every Thursday he, and the DPS members, chill, play the aforementioned games, watch historical films, and eat free snacks. Other days, they sometimes go on history fueled field trips! A few of the field trips DPS embark on include museum visits, matinee screenings, Jefferson City, and even the Renaissance Festival ( which takes place on Saturday). Just as Mr. Frieling says himself, “It has to be about history and it has to fun or I’m out.” The name Dead Patriots Society came from one of Mr. Frieling’s former students, and is sort of a play on words on the 1989 film Dead Poets Society, with the word poet being replaced with patriots due to the historical theme of the club. During DPS’s meetings they discuss what the society wants do throughout the specific week, and occasionally, the design they will put on their club t-shirt. Mr. Frieling reflected on how in the movie for which the society is named, Robin William’s character changed the way his students viewed the world and learned who they were as people, and he admires that idea. Overall, you will find that Dead Patriots Society is less concerned with scheduled meetings, and more about fun.

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