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Have you thought about joining FBLA or ever wondered what FBLA is?  If so, you can ask one of the sponsors for more information about the club.  FBLA is Future Business Leaders of America.  The sponsors that are in charge of FBLA is Mrs. Ryan and Mrs. Salanky. Mrs. Ryan’s in room 202 and Mrs. Salanky’s in room 102.  A couple of FBLA’s upcoming events is the March of Dimes fundraiser and the Match-o-matics surveys.  They will be available and ready to purchase during the week of homecoming.  All the donations that are raised goes to March of Dimes.  There is also a March of Dimes walk towards the end of April.  Also, starting January 11th to the 15th is when we will be filling out the Match-o-matics surveys during XFL.  So, if you want to find out your results of who you’re compatible with make sure to buy one during the week of homecoming!  Have any other questions about FBLA?  All you have to do is ask Mrs. Ryan (room 202) or Mrs. Salanky (room 102) for more information.

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