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This year’s success in Speech and Debate can be traced all the way back to the beginning of this school year. They had their final performance just last week, and here’s the results. At the Staley novice tournament, no one advanced to semifinals. At the Missouri Western varsity tournament, Jayla Atkinson broke to semi finals with two first place rounds. This concludes our season before going to National Qualifiers and districts. I spoke with Jayla Atkinson about her breaking to semi finals.

“I would have to say compared to last year, at the same tournament I didn’t make it, this year I did. I saw a lot of great people, there was a piece a guy did and it was all rap songs, in a form of poetry on of the songs was by Kendrick Lamar. I also saw a piece called sorry, it was saying sorry to future generations about this generation destroying earth.”

After speaking to Jayla I went to the head coach of the Speech and Debate team, Mr. Miscavish. I asked him about this year in total he replied with:

“We went to 17 straight tournaments with someone breaking to semi finals each time, we brought more trophies and medals than we have in the past. It was my most successful as head coach. I am excited about semifinals.”

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