Twin Talk Continues to “WOW” the Crowd

There’s a segment on Lafayette’s video announcements called, “Twin Talk.” On this segment, two twins named Carley and Cydney do funny skits to hopefully make people laugh! Every other week they appear on the video announcements and do different skits every time. The people who help them are Allie, Savannah, and Jayla. Allie and Savannah help them out with what they should do every other week and Jayla is the  video editor.


The first skit that they did was called, “Selfies”, what they did was they went around the school and took different pictures with different people. When it was aired they had the song “Selfie” playing in the background. The next skit they did was “Expectations vs Reality.” It was about how things think they should go, then how they really go. Like for example, they asked to go to the bathroom The expectation was the teacher saying, “yeah go ahead,” but the reality is the teacher saying “GO ON YOUR OWN TIME!” Some other ones that they did were, seeing your crush, walking on the stairs, etc. The third thing they did was saying the meanings of “slang” words. The some of slang words were, “bae, frontin‘, dipped, heat,” and more. The fourth thing they did was Songs in real life. They put in some lyrics to songs to what the people were saying. Like someone said “this is how we do it” so they put in the lyrics from the song “This is how we do it”, where the person said it. They did many more songs like “Last Friday Night”, “I Really Don’t Care”, and more. The next idea for Twin Talk is to do a Halloween skit called “The Haunted Halls of Lafayette.” Hopefully, after that our birthday segment will be in the works as well.

The twins will continue to make funny skits. SO MAKE SURE TO KEEP WATCHING.

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