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I am making Grimm Nerd News because I think it would be fun.  I like being in front of a camera informing people about things I like while also entertaining them by cracking jokes and making parodies of nerd culture.  Also I thought there was a void or gap in excitement between sports and non-sporty things in the announcements, pep assemblies, and just all around school pride.  I took it apon myself to create a bridge too absorb some of this energy and put it to use in nerdy criteria that I thought would grab attention.

When making Grimm Nerd News I wanted not to just make fun of things, (granted I like doing that a lot) but to get everyone together to enjoy a type of culture that people tend to look down upon.  Nerd culture is growing in size lately.  With all of the super hero movies and videogames, anime, Magic the Gathering and other card games, and even technology is wooing people to join the nerdy side.

In my pilot video I am interviewing certain clubs that are nerdy in origin.  Some of these clubs are dying off and I feel that they deserve recognition for being the way they are.  I have went to all of these clubs and enjoyed being there doing the projects, watching videos, playing games, and just enjoying other nerds and geeks company.  Board games and video games are the main focus of Dead Patriots Society and Anime Club.  Science Club is about what the title says it is, Science.  It’s mostly environmental science, like gravity and recycling.

Usually this won’t happen in Grimm Nerd News, but as I said this is a pilot and I wanted to put my face and certain clubs out in the open.  What I do have planned is segments like Tech Time, Who’s that Superhero, Big Words with Chris, High Score, and every once in awhile a funny commercial.  I will try to involve people in the school for these segments: as actors in front of the camera, as people to be interviewed,  as people for feedback, and every once in awhile a pole for research in our school.

I hope to accomplish getting people to understand this type of culture and embrace it.  I want people to not use nerd as a mean name but as a title to be revered and exalted.  Being a nerd is a pleasure and not a burden.  I want people to enjoy it and embrace it.  As Bill Gates said “Nerds rule the world.”

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