Can I go to college without sperry’s?

It seems as if there is yet another requirement for going to college: Sperry’s. A sockless new fad, created by college frat boys, has become an obsession for students of LHS.

Last year I had the pleasure of spending two days in my brother Brady’s messy dorm room at Highland Community College. From my short experience at Highland I received a view on college fashion. The college students had little to no energy in the morning so tying their shoes could possibly set them back a whole two minutes. As we all know there are no parents in college, but in high school our parents will wake us up sometimes hours before school. So why must we show up in slip-on shoes? Have we really made being lazy a “thing”?

Elementary students are now buying Sperry’s as school shoes. First and Second graders show up to the first day of school in sockless Sperrys. Parents should know where this new shoe fashion is coming from, and realize that dressing kids up like college frat boys is just too early. Grade school students will frequently look at their shoes during class, and constantly be reminded of the pressures of the college lifestyle. which is the failing of classes, wearing of visors, and drinking of beers, and all other stereotypical shoes they must fill.

Should we just strap Sperry’s on babies as soon as they’re born? The new generation will go from potty training to Sperry’s. Soon we will take out potty training and it will just be Sperrys. At least our babies will have plenty of “swag” though. Who needs potty training when you have swag?

Would it kill people to be more daring and stylish? I once wore Sperry’s to see what all the fuss was about. I slipped both shoes on and instantly felt uncomfortable. I bought them only because I wanted to be in the “in crowd”. After three days of wearing Sperry’s I received plenty of compliments, but it did not overcome the pain of my feet, and the smell of my shoes. I’m not trying to bash the style, but it’s just an uncomfortable, drab style that I cannot comprehend why it is a “style” in the first place.

As a student body we should think outside the shoebox, and create a new shoe fad that doesn’t subside for laziness. Sperry’s are not a requirement for college so lets not make it one. We can set our alarm an extra two minutes to tie our shoes and get to class on time. We can fight this shoe fad of Sperry’s together.

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