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With the school year being relatively new, so many people could use a little help getting back in the groove. Whether you’re asked to create a powerpoint or you’re preparing for tests, these tips can help you survive this next year.


1. Trouble Reading Presentations?


It’s bound to happen. A teacher will ask you to make a powerpoint presentation, which overall is a boring and unoriginal assignment, you could do it with your eyes closed! So to add a lil’ snaz you jazz it up with cool awe inspiring colors, only to find on presentation day no one can read your words, even you! Well don’t be afraid of using vibrant multi-colored backgrounds, just remember this easy tip, white words with a black outline. Easy as pie, no matter what background you have white words with a black background are always visible. No more tricky words, wala!


2. Chargers Keep Breaking?


Now if you’re one of those people who never find their chargers broken, bent, worn out, eaten by pets, eaten by siblings, ripped a bit, or damaged, then this one may not be for you. If you’re still here there is an easy solution that may be for you. Use the spring from a mechanical pencil/pen. Just slide it onto the damaged area and it’ll help hold it into the correct position for power. If your pets/baby sibling chews through the plastic (yes it happens) put the spring on for added duration. If the end is bent wildly out of shape due to improper storage wrapping, wrap the spring and watch the structural integrity grow!


3. Phone Always dying?


Now this isn’t a problem I suffer with, I don’t get an excessive amount of texts or calls, but if you have after school activities and find your phone to be dead before its over this will help. Turn airplane, now get this, on. That’s it, airplane mode could just be called battery save mode. Granted you won’t receive calls or texts, but if you’re in a class where the teacher releases the kraken anytime she/he sees your phone, this is the answer. Now you’ll not be distracted by a ‘social life’ in class, and your phone won’t be dead before the days over, win-win.


4. Need Help Remembering for tests?


You know that feeling, you’ve been studying all night, working your buns off, but the minute that test touches your desk you’ve forgotten everything. This is a very common phenomena known as tests-are-no-fun-ever-anxiety, but there is actually a simple way to help you recover that lost memory, chewing gum. Studies have shown that chewing a particular kind of gum while studying, then going on to chew the same gum while testing can help you remember the thing you studied. It helps by linking the information and memory part of your brain to the taste and smell part. It’s like when you smell a particular smell and it brings back memories of a time long gone. Go on child, ace that test.


5. Nutella Almost Gone?


This last one may be the most life saving tip I’ve ever given. Proven to increase levels of happiness and lower the chances of some forms of cancer. What do you do when the Nutella is almost gone? Eat it of course! But instead of fighting that nearly empty bottle for that last bit of its delicious substance (all the while holding back tears, no doubt), just add ice cream straight to the bowl. Mix it a bit, and you’re ready for a delicious homemade nutella sunday. With all the stresses of school one should not also be worried about the nutella being gone, that’s why this last one is so important for distracting yourself from school, relaxing before the next test, and staying calm before the next deadline. So make sure to enjoy yourself on this last one!


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