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Very soon the season of singing and empty wallets will be upon us! With all the hype going on about the PS4 and the Xbox One I’m sure most parents are very worried about what their child wants and how much it’s going to cost them in the long run. That’s why I have decided to make a Christmas wish list of what your children would most likely want, at a decently affordable price (I’d say $1000 is pretty reasonable, right?) First I will cover items that are on the market, or are about to hit the market, that are around the $100 – $400 dollar range.

As of right now, the items in this range that are the most popular are the new console systems that have come out. For children of this generation, the thing they want most are games, so this might be what you’re looking for. First off, before choosing one of these systems for your child (if you plan to get one) you should see what their most into. If they lean more towards Sony, you go for the PS4 or if they like Microsoft more, than the Xbox One. The PS4 price is around $400 and will be put on the market on November 11, 2013. The Xbox One, on the other hand, is $500 and will be released on November 22, 2013.

Now that we have covered consoles, lets go onto games. The most popular game on the market as of right now, is the “Pokemon X&Y” duo for the Nintendo 3Ds. If your child has been a fan of Pokemon games, then this would be a perfect gift. The new “Pokemon X&Y” games are around $40, and if they don’t have a 3Ds, then that could be another great gift to get them with the decently affordable price of $160.

As for girls, I know almost nothing that could help you there. The best advice I have for you on this topic, is maybe jewelry, or something that at least looks expensive. I know that most of these gifts are games, but I hope that this was in anyway helpful to those parents trying hard to appease their children. I wish all of you parents struggling with your Christmas shopping good luck and a pat on the back, and hope you have a very joyful Merry Christmas this year.

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