Transcending into a college lifestyle

When a high school student is asked “What are you doing for college?” what do you think is the first thing they think about? Do they think, “Will college be hard?”, or “Will I be able to get used to college?”, maybe even “I wonder what’s for dinner?” The things that come to their mind can be anything because they don’t know what college is like or how it will turn out for them. That is when it hit me. Why don’t I help out those confused students?

After spending some time thinking about how to help those students, I then went to look for people who could help answer my questions. So, in search of someone who could help me, I went to Missouri Western State University. My prayers were answered when a couple agreed to help me with my problem.

According to them. In college, you can’t just expect to show up to your class and pass without doing any work, college requires much more of your attention than high school. Professors in college don’t just hand out all the information you need, you won’t learn anything that way, you need to do some studying on your own. What you need to do in class is pay attention, take proper notes on the subject, and even ask the teacher on what you don’t understand. Another thing you need to try is organizing your day; If you finish your classes for the day and haven’t finished any of your homework, don’t just go out partying all night, because when you go to class the next day, a hangover isn’t the only thing you’re gonna have to worry about.

As for classes, college schedules are more lenient than high school ones. What once used to be eight hours a day, stuck in a hot smothering room, is now one or two hours a day from a list of set times that you can pick from. It doesn’t even have to be one or two, you can customize your schedule to meet your needs. Of course, only if they have that class during the time you request. If you’re interested, you don’t even need to take classes during the day, since most colleges provide night classes, even online classes. You don’t even need to be in the the country to study, some colleges provide study abroad programs.

Switching to a college lifestyle can be easy or hard, it just depends on the person’s personality. For Nicholas Sutton, a member of the couple from MWSU, it seemed to be an easy transition. What he had to say about this was:

“For me, switching  from a high school lifestyle to a college one was fairly easy. It’s much more laid back, since you’re the one picking your class times, and what you want to do between classes.”

I then asked him if he had any advice for the seniors entering college. What he had to tell them was this:

“Sign up for as many scholarships and grants as you can. College may be easy to get used to, but you have to pay your tuition first. You can’t get used to college if you can’t afford it. Also refrain from spending all your time in the cafeteria, not only will your stomach suffer but so will your wallet.”

This is all the information I have gathered on the subject, and hope that it was useful to those who plan on going to college. Also, this information isn’t telling you how to run your college life. If you feel this information isn’t for you, that’s okay. This article is a guide to help you find what is right for you, not a instruction manual. If you have any questions you wish to know that wasn’t covered, ask a teacher or even look it up. Enjoy your life as a college student because unlike, high school, your parents aren’t paying for your education (unless your parents actually are, then you can hate it all you want.)

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Lucas Sutton

My name is Lucas, and I'm a senior at Lafayette High School. I enjoy almost anything that has to do with computers, but mostly games. I plan on going to college for computers.

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