Trick or treat?

Well every year during Halloween there comes a time when every person in their life decides when they’re too old to continue the yearly ritual of halloween trick or treating. Yes, for the average person it can be very devastating to come to a realization that you’re too old for this. Here are the top five things that will let you know that you’re too old to trick or treat:

1. 18 and up? Let’s face it at this point you’d look very immature dressing up at that age and trick or treating among children. I mean, I could see if you were 16 and doing it for laughs but at that age?

2. You get winded from knocking on the door and people shoo you away from the candy bowls with brooms and pitchforks. Then, suddenly, a random angry mob chases after you.

3. The childrens costumes you try to wear all rip and then the manager gets all red in the face and yells at you to get out.

4. When someone drops a candybar in your bag you lose your balance and fall over.

5. They children ask you where you got your old man costume and you chase them off with your walker.

In conclusion, I find these facts to be very helpful to your understanding why you would look very ridiculous doing the very childish activity of trick or treating at these ages.

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