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My name is Kassandra Miller and I am 17 years old. I am a senior here at Lafayette High School.  I have went here ever since I was a freshman, there were ups and downs throughout the years, but I have made it this far to not give up!  So, I’m never giving up.  I have a family of 12 (yes, two are animals), which that includes me.  There’s my mother and father, Jennifer and Ricky Miller, my brother Kyle Miller, his fiancée Carolyn Dinning, and their beautiful daughter that was recently born on September 4th, 2015, her name is Evelynn Paige Miller which is my niece, and then there’s my sister Kayla Wilson, her husband Trenton, and my nephew Brayton Breon Wilson that is a year old.  Also, my boyfriend, Dalton Cogdill, he is a senior here at Lafayette, him and I have been together for little over a year now.  Last but not least, I have one dog (Spot) and one cat (Noella).  My family are the ones who keep me motivated and I really enjoy to spend lots of time with them.  I love them so much.  They always tell me to never give up, no matter how hard times get, all you have to do is just keep pushing yourself to get back up!  Then, my favorite shows are, Impractical Jokers, Supernatural, and Family Feud.  Also, my favorite color is purple!!!  I’m serious, I mean purple!  I work at Cici’s Pizza, and I’ve been working there for about four months now, and I love it so much, because my brother and sister work with me.  It makes me feel more comfortable and like I’m at home.  I’m more social than I used to be, I used to be shy, but ever since I got a job, I never to stop talking.  My favorite hobbies are drawing and writing.  I draw a lot of anime, and write about anything.  Pretty much, anything that first comes to my mind is what I draw or write about.  I also like to hang out with my friends, and they are Parker, Daniel, Sydney, and Dalton.  Those are the only ones that I tell everything to, I trust them all so much, it’s like what would I do without them?  Parker and Sydney are like siblings to me and Daniel is my best friend, and Dalton always encourages me to keep going to school and motivates me to do my chores that I have to get done in order to hang out with them all.  I love to play video games on my Xbox 360 or PS4, that’s another thing I do in my spare time.  I have a bubbly personality, I love my personality I have, I’m also very caring and can be nice at times.  This is mainly everything about me, such as, things I like to do and who I hang out with, and what I do in my spare time I have, if I’m not working or in school.

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I attend Lafayette High school in Saint Joseph, Missouri. I am the school editor of our online website and I enjoy doing the things that not everyone out there can do. I will cover almost anything that needs to be covered all while focusing on academics and a sport that I love, tennis. Follow me on twitter @bigMack2016 or on Facebook at Kensie Rose.

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