Best Five Actors on Camera

What makes a good actor? Is it skill? Is it how much they get paid? Is it how many movies they have been in? Or is it that they have a large fan base? Sure that might be the basis for an actor who wishes to succeed. But I actually believe that commitment to the role is what truly makes an actor great. In case you haven’t noticed by now I will only be listing ACTORS not ACTRESSES sorry ladies, this round is to the guys.

  1. Robin Williams – Mrs. Doubtfire, Dead Poets Society, and Aladdin are just amongst some of the 50 + movies he has starred in. Robin Williams has been known to commit to the role, as in Mrs. Doubtfire where he committed to play the role of a father who is losing his kids. The fathers only solution is to dress up in drag and pretend to be his children’s new granny. Robin Williams also learned Russian for the movie, “Moscow on the Hudson” talk about commitment! Even though Robin Williams has passed his works rest in the hearts of Americans.
  2. Adam Sandler – Sure this actor might come as a shock to many people, but when it comes to committing and playing the role Adam Sandler never shys away. The greatest instance of this is the movie, “Jack and Jill” where Adam Sandler plays both the brother (Jack) and his sister (Jill). Now playing two roles in a movie seems hard enough, but when you add that the two roles are two different genders then it becomes almost impossible for the average joe to do it. No matter what anybody says about Adam Sandler he is probably one of the greatest modern actors.
  3. Jim Carrey – Wow… What else can be used to describe this man? Jim Carrey has played multiple roles from Fire Marshal Bill (In Living Color) to Stanley Ipkiss (The Mask). Just one of the many roles Jim Carrey has committed to was Steven Russell from the movie, “I Love you Phillip Morris” in this film Jim Carrey portrays a cop who had recently lost his wife. After losing his wife he vows to be true to himself and comes out of the closet. Portraying a gay role is difficult to a straight male, but Jim Carrey saw it as an original idea that could not be passed up. I can honorably say that Jim Carrey is a hundred times better at acting then I will ever be.
  4. Will Ferrell – From a Nascar driver in Talladega Nights to a Elf in the movie Elf Will Ferrell never falls shy of making the audience laugh. What makes them laugh? Well one might argue it’s the jokes, but it is actually the commitment of the roles. Will Ferrell can play an annoying step brother (Step Brothers) to an anchorman (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) to then playing a mad scientist (Land of the Lost) and still be good at these roles. Honestly, how can one commit to that many roles? And that wasn’t even all of them!
  5. Mark Whalberg – This man might not seem to be an actor to portray multiple roles but Mark Wahlberg has actually portrayed several roles perfectly. In the movie, “Ted” he was a teddy bear lovin man. Then on the opposite spectrum Mark played a soldier in the movie, “Lone Survivor”. Both comical and dramatic Mark Wahlberg easily falls under the best actor category.

All of these actors have one thing in common, and that’s commitment! Without commitment I don’t think these actors would be as good as they are now. So what do you think? Do you all agree with my list? If not who shouldn’t or should be in this list.

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