The Importance of Theater

Theater is probably the most important class you can take. Sure, you learn more in English Language Arts, Math or World History, but theater is a challenging class! Some people might make the argument that theater is only challenging if you make it. Which is true and false at the same time, theater involves commitment; which is hard for some people. But most importantly theater requires social skills, which we all should have! It’s not just the social skills that matters, but it’s the execution of which you use those skills.


For example, you can’t be in theater and not speak to anyone, that’s one of the great things about being in theater, we are all family. You can’t just sit down and not communicate with anybody and be a successful theater student. That is why it’s so challenging, there will be days when you don’t want to have any social interaction. Then there will be days when you are depressed, but being in theater you have all of these students who are willing to help you. You might be thinking, how does that sound challenging you either talk or don’t? What my point is, is that you can’t just be quiet and expect it to be fun. Theater is about emotions, that is why it’s sometimes difficult to keep your emotions form the outside world away from your theater life.


Now, if you have nothing wrong with talking in front of people, or controlling your emotions then so far theater doesn’t sound that bad. Well here’s yet another reason why theater is challenging. Theater is all about having fun, but it’s also about knowing when to have fun and not to have fun. For example, if you’re in the musical and you are rehearsing there are multiple times to where you can be energetic. It is hard as a theater student to control themselves, because we are all energetic. But that is what makes it that more challenging, the ability to control your energy.

Still haven’t convinced you that theater is challenging? Well here is something that will surely change your output on theater. The fact that we are all a family, it is inevitable that we will run into drama. Both out of school and in school. Now we all have our own drama and it is a choice to keep it in or to let it out. Being in theater it automatically is thought that we just pour our emotions out, but that’s not the case at all! It takes a true actor in order to keep your emotions in, don’t let others suffer from your drama. Sure it is good to let someone know what you are going through, especially your family. In theater everyone is family, so you might ask, how does this make theater more challenging? Well being in theater you are faced with a certain amount of extra emotions.
Now don’t let this discourage you from joining theater. Take the positives in case, we are all family, we have fun each and every single day, we commit to one thing as a whole and overall we are all caring. The challenging part is just an obstacle, we all face obstacles in life. So why not join theater in theater we can and WILL help you in everything you need help with. We are here for you, join a theater program, have fun, make friends and most importantly meet someone you would have never met before.

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