Unconditional Love

A little sister’s love is one unlike any other. It’s the admiration in their eyes when you do something new to them, the endless lunch dates. The late night cuddles and hot tea drinking because it makes them feel older, like sissy. The tears in their eyes when they find out that moving away for college is coming soon, the “I’m going with you” argument that I wish they could win. A sister is a lifelong companion of whom all of your secrets are held deep within.

The day that my first little sister was born was remarkably, the best day of my life. She was so perfect, so small. I wanted to pause that moment forever, and just hold the fragile baby burrito against me so that she might stay this small forever. Miss Carli Ann was my pride and joy, and I was ecstatic to finally have a best friend. The second time I found out I was having a little sister, I cried tears of joy. Not only was I going to have 2 baby sisters, but 2! Katie Claire is my little baby, to this day. She was born at a petite 6lbs 7 ounces, and is still small for her age, yet growing remarkably.

I’ve always been unbelievably close to all of my siblings, especially my siblings. However, 4 years ago our relationships were put to the test. Our parents were divorcing, and unfortunately, we all couldn’t go with the same parent. I wanted more than anything to stay and be with them. Sure, they would always have my mom there with them, but I had never been away from my sisters for more than 8 hours. We spent all of our time together, and they’re little hearts were breaking even more knowing they couldn’t stay with me.

When my little sisters moved with my mom, I made sure to stay with them every moment I could. I pick them up from school, do their homework with them, give them baths and put them to sleep. All things maybe my parents should have been doing, but I took complete responsibility over them. After the divorce, both of my parents fell apart. Granted, they always have been and always will be amazing parents, I just took the opportunity to step up in responsibility a little bit.

As my sisters and I get older, our relationship only gets better with one another. As they start to get little boyfriends, drama with friends and their first bad grade, I’m always the first person they come to. I love teaching them, giving them advice, telling them personal stories from when I was their age. It’s like re-living all of my childhood memories through them. I never had an older sibling to look up to, so I try to guide them in the right direction and make sure they do everything within their best interests.

I want everyone in the world to be able to experience the fulfillment that comes with having younger siblings that look up to you. They bring so much joy into my life, as well as being the only people who know how to push my buttons just right. Younger siblings can always be a pain sometimes, but one day when they come into your room at 2am crying from a bad dream or a break up and want you to comfort them, it will all make sense.


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I attend Lafayette High school in Saint Joseph, Missouri. I am the school editor of our online website and I enjoy doing the things that not everyone out there can do. I will cover almost anything that needs to be covered all while focusing on academics and a sport that I love, tennis. Follow me on twitter @bigMack2016 or on Facebook at Kensie Rose.

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