Are You Still in School?

Are you still in school? Do you think it’s important to be someone, or do something with your life.  School may not seem important, but in reality it really is. You can’t expect to work at a fast food restaurant your whole life. They just don’t pay enough. Wouldn’t you much rather get paid $30 an hour instead of $7 a hour?

College can be time consuming, you may have to study all the time, or you might not get as much free time.When you graduate college it will be well worth it. You can look back and actually say i did it!  Getting a good education means you get to do something you actually like, and you’re able to afford anything you want. Not only that, but your family will be proud of you for taking your life somewhere else they might have not done. Attending college would be the smarter decision for most people to make. You can’t just depend on a little high school job.  Little jobs really are not worth it because they don’t pay good money. Going to college and graduating would be the best decision you have ever made. After graduation you will be proud of yourself for doing something with your life that not many people would do.

Has any of your family graduated college, or have they graduated high school? Most people don’t even make it through high school because they end up dropping out or they don’t think they would need to use school in life. Honestly what is the point in dropping out in highschool when you made it this far. Everyday I think I don’t want to be here, but I only have two year and a half left. Therefore, I’m going to finish school to make my family proud of me. I also plan on being something in my life. My dream is to be an Ultrasound Technician. They pay good, you don’t have to attend college for long, and I could say I did something with my life to make my family proud. No one in my family has graduated except like three or four people, but i want to be a good daughter, or even a big sister to look up to and help my family get through life together.

Take a minute to think about your future and how you will succeed in life. Nobody wants to finish school, but if you want to do something successful for you in life then you will put power into it to. School isn’t really that hard; it’s mainly common sense. The only subject thats a bit challenging for me is geometry but most class i have is honors. School may be boring, but it’s better to be something in life rather than a bum and not learn anything. Some people think that high school is hard but it really isn’t. You just have to pay close attention so that you can understand and pass your classes.

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I attend Lafayette High school in Saint Joseph, Missouri. I am the school editor of our online website and I enjoy doing the things that not everyone out there can do. I will cover almost anything that needs to be covered all while focusing on academics and a sport that I love, tennis. Follow me on twitter @bigMack2016 or on Facebook at Kensie Rose.

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