Being an Actor

I am not a professional actor, by any means. But I have been in enough productions to classify myself as a proper actor. Being an actor is so much more than your capability to act the part. There’s a multitude of things that go into whether or not you get a roll. First of all is your age, you can’t be sixteen and play a roll made for someone who is in their late twenties. The second thing is appearance, it’s simple. If you don’t look the part, then you can’t play that role. Then the third and final thing is your ability to act the part. Know what you’re good at, if you’re a comical actor, focus more toward comedies.

Also acting is a little bit more difficult than people think. Let’s say you want to do live production, like on a stage, in front of a live audience. There is so much that goes into it. Let’s say you’re acting on a TV set and you forget one of your lines. Sure the director and other actors/actresses well get mad at you, but you can always re-shoot that scene. Whereas if you’re doing a live show, you can’t just call out line if your forget. There’s much more pressure than most people think. Some people only think they have to remember their lines and the occasional move upstage. But a true actor/actress will always be aware of their facial expression. The acting is in the face, you might have great body movements, but if you’re a robot when it comes to facial expressions there’s a good chance people won’t enjoy it.

Being an actor also purposes a lot of challenges. I will use myself as an example. I remember in a show I did my 8th grade year I was casted as the lead, which was great. However I had 238 lines to memorize, which to me now isn’t that much. But back then that was a lot. I would have to spend maybe a few hours a day for the next three weeks memorizing my lines, it takes up a lot of time. It’s not just lines that you have to memorize, you have to memorize blocking and sometimes dances and occasionally a few songs. You’re always pushed to have everything down, but that’s part of the fun. You’ll always have a few challenges presented with whatever you do. But being an actor these challenges really pay off.

Whether or not you’re going to be acting on a stage, or acting on a full production set. You can be certain it’ll be challenging, yet fun. I have had some of the best times of my life these past six years. I have learned a lot, and sure there is more to learn. There is always more to learn, you can never truly reach the cap on learning something.

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