Grayson’s guide to freshmen survival

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Hey freshman out there, yeah I’m talking to you. Have you thought that high school would be a little scary, a little too big, a place where you could get lost in? Well what I have for you is the perfect guide to having new and current freshman not feel so lost, scared, or be alone. You’ll be in clubs, shouting in the loud crowd, or hanging out with other people that you wouldn’t have thought of hanging out with. The tips and tricks in this guide will help anyone who’s either a freshman or someone who is really socially awkward (like yours truly), become somewhat popular among your friends and colleagues. (Results may vary, some might not become super popular, like the author of this piece.)

Some of the tips in this guide might be topics that some of the teachers and other upperclassmen have discussed so many times you’re probably sick and tired of hearing it already. Just read the tips and try out different things and see how your high school life will go.

Tip # 1. Try to get involved in clubs

You’ve heard your teachers and upperclassmen preach about joining different clubs. You need to at least find a club that sort-of interests you and think about joining it. I even thought it was something that was said to me over and over again, I felt like I was going to go insane for hearing it time and time again. I joined a couple of clubs freshman year, and now I’m the president of one club, and vice-president to another. So go join a club and get out there and get to know others.

Tip # 2. Try and go out of your “Comfort Zone”

You might be like me and be the most socially awkward person and won’t be seen going for the Homecoming King, or being the king of Prom. You might not need to go to this extreme, but at least try to do different things. For example, go to the games, football and or basketball, join in the loud crowd and yell whenever the team scores. You might have a sore throat and sore feet from standing all night, but you will feel like you actually belong to the school, and feel important when our team wins.

Tip # 3. Try to get to know different people, new people can help improve your high school life.

Let’s say you’re in a class that has none, NONE, of your friends, then the teacher puts you together with people you have no idea about. First, try to get to know them and complete the assignment, then see what they’re about. If you find out that they have the same interests as you, try to become friends. If you join a new club, try to talking to some people you don’t know and get to expand your friendships, don’t just stick with your friends from middle school. Get to know others.

Well that’s the three most important tips I have for you freshman out there and incoming freshman. Go and enjoy your high school life, because it will fly by. I sure do think it went by fast. Just be yourself, express your feelings, make memories, and finally enjoy your time at Lafayette High School and have a great year.

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