Pride From the Northside Lights Up the Stands

It is Northside pride week here in Saint Joseph where you show just how green your blood can really be. We do not have school on Monday because of Labor Day. Tuesday will be Tie-dye day be sure to wear your favorite Tie-dye clothing or accessories. On Wednesday it isn’t a bad hair day, it’s a crazy hair day and for those of you that have boring hair and/or are bald no offense to you just wear a wig preferably a crazy one.Thursday is an interesting day, but it’s a mouthful because it’s dress like something you’re not day. For example a “nerd” would dress like someone who is a football player. Also just so you know, video announcements will be Thursday not Friday. Finally, on Friday to end off a week full of pride, it will be the day that all of us show how green our blood is, it’s green Friday and game day! Wear our school colours to show how much pride you have.

This is the last day to show your fellow classmates you have Northside Pride, also at the end of that fantastic school  day we will then get ready for the biggest game of the year (besides MEC).

The fighting irish will play Benton High School (of Saint Joseph) after the Northside schools walk the track to show their support and pride for the great Northside. The walk begins at 6:30 p.m. And the big game starts at 7 p.m. Come support your schools and go Irish!

Written by: Daneiel Whitesel

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