A Promising Season Comes from XC

Tuesday, September 1st marked the start of a promising season, with the return of two state qualifiers: Juniors Maddie Book and Stuart Schmidtke. Although they don’t have enough runners to run in a team, they do well as individual runners. Out at their first meet in Maryville, MO, Maddie Book placed 2nd, leading for over half the race, and then overtaken by the defending district champion. Stuart Schmidtke finished 6th, Freshman Cooper Davison finished 31st, and Freshman Garrett Dilley finished 35th. When asked about how they did, Cross Country coach Brad Spinner said he felt, “pretty good with the results at the meet Tuesday”. When you hear that two runners finished 31st and 35th, some people, including myself, wouldn’t think that as great. But when you take it out of 96 runners in total, you realize how well they did. But Coach Spinner also added how they aren’t usually that big in numbers of runners at the event, although they do sometimes run with more than that, the usual number of runners is somewhere around 75 people. This also solidifies how well Stuart also did, placing 6th out of 96, not 10 like some people might think at first. They are looking forward to their next meet next Tuesday, September 8th in Chillicothe, MO  at 4:00pm. Good luck runners!

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