Tennis Looking at Improvement

The season of tennis has just started and Lafayette’s players are off to a bad stop, but that shouldn’t put them down. As their season had started with two matches and a score of 0-9, our 9 players shouldn’t feel distressed as they tried their hardest. Quoted from their coach, Mr. Wolf, “Played as well as they could, so I can’t be mad”. A request in improvements was for court matches, over head hitting, pa, and a little more experience. In the roster, we have Seniors Gentry Cline, Dalton Ellis, Skylar Flaska, Wesley Sisk, Tristan Trautloff, Juniors Victor Boynton, Haze Gaddie, Henry Klaassen, and Sophomore Miller Hadley. There are no Freshmen in the Tennis Team. For more info and times for games, check the SJSD website.

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I attend Lafayette High school in Saint Joseph, Missouri. I am the school editor of our online website and I enjoy doing the things that not everyone out there can do. I will cover almost anything that needs to be covered all while focusing on academics and a sport that I love, tennis. Follow me on twitter @bigMack2016 or on Facebook at Kensie Rose.

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