Thank You from All of the Theater Kids

Every year, Lafayette  puts on a Musical production that becomes one of the major events of the fall. This year’s choice is “Bye, Bye Birdie.” This show is one of our greatest things here at Lafayette. As a person involved in the musical, I know that the process isn’t always easy. Rehearsals are everyday after school and we still have to juggle homework, work, and still maintain a social balance.

TJ Dunken, one of the leading roles, says “The time and effort we have put into the show these past 10 weeks was stressful…But the time will pay off, and has proven true.”  Lafayette’s production of “Bye, Bye Birdie” isn’t about Kim MacAfee or Conrad Birdie. Not Albert or Rosie. It’s about the people behind the characters. It feels good to be applauded for something we worked so hard for. Thank all of you for all of your support and coming to the show to help fun the theater group. Because between people getting sick and missing rehearsals, we’ve somehow pulled together to make something beautiful. The show’s importance is not how many tickets we sell. What’s important is this group taking what we love and creating. We might not all get along. Some of have never even spoken outside of the auditorium but when we hit the stage all that is left behind and it’s a different world. Some kids involved may have never acted, sang, or danced before. We build and fortify these relationships we wouldn’t have if not for the Musical.

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