JROTC Update

JROTC is having a few new events like last Saturday was the last drill meet. The next few events that will be coming like this month the ROTC will be having a review where all JROTC students will gather in the varsity gym for a review. Also JROTC is also having JCLC, it’s a event after school that you will leave St.Joseph and go to Leavenworth, KS and will stay there for a week and with your peers and will be a basic like camp. You will also be doing events like going down a tower or testing your might in running the obstacle course. But, before you do you have to run the mile and do the normal sit-up and push-up test to see what your standards are before you do all of the fun stuff. Now you may also ask, what if i feel alone there and can’t make any friends? You won’t have to worry about that because there will be others schools so tell your friend but you have to be in Jrotc in order to go to JCLC. What if I don’t like it there? Well you won’t hate it there. There is always something for you to do there, you even get free time to do what you want. The food there is also the best part of JCLC, there food is always cooked fresh and ready for you to eat.

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