Lafayette’s Golf Program

Lafayette Golf’s program is the best golf team in the city. With one of the best players in the state with Kyle Vest, or other greats like Sam Moore, Zach Rich, and Jack Harvey.  The current seniors on the team are Kyle, Sam, and Zach. There’s seven  juniors on the team who are: Dillion Dewey, Nolan Ham, Matthew Job, Joseph, Kempinger, Trenton Prothero, Josh Stewart, and Andy Procter. The last but not least, the only sophomore, the shooter, the legend Jack “Harv Daddy” Harvey. The current number one player this year is Sam followed by Zach then third is the great Kyle Vest, who’s so far had an off year with some ups and downs. So far this year they’ve taken dubs on April fourth against Cameron and Bishop Leblond. Unfortunately Lafayette’s golf did not win on April fifth, losing to Maryville. That was just an off day, any other day they would have taken the fattest dub. The first tournament of the year is on April thirteenth at the Cameron Tournament. Future MEC Tournaments are the April 18th MEC tournament, the district May second tournament, then hopefully May ninth Sectionals, and maybe the May 16th State tournament the day after graduation. This year is the year we have more than one State entrant and maybe even win it all if it’s a good day.

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