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Warning for all of you gamers this article has major spoilers, so tread carefully. This review is about the new game: Super Smash Bros. 4 for 3DS and WiiU. One thing you will have noticed is that from Smash 3 to Smash 4 is the decreased level count in classic mode. In Smash 3 there were 12 stages (boss included), in Smash 4 they cut it in half to 6 stages (boss included). To most veteran Smash players this is a huge let down, but in Smash 4 Master Hand and Crazy Hand (Bosses) have more abilities.


Some of the abilities are creating a rift in which players are sucked into, and a tossing an energy ball towards the player. After taking a certain amount of damage Master or Crazy Hand will transform to the Smash Core. This character takes up the middle of the screen, and transforms at different intervals into different animals or objects. After defeating all the forms the final form is revealed: the source. If you don’t use a critical attack to launch it off the edge it will instantly kill you, but those aren’t the only characters.

The character roster for Smash 4 is huge, this includes but not limited to: Pikmin and Olimar, Toon Link, Mega Man, Lucario, Greninja, Mate Knight, and R.O.B. There are too many character’s to list. “Which character is the best?” you might ask. Well, I can’t say because 1. I don’t know your play style, and 2. I haven’t played the game. I encourage you to play this game because it sounds and looks amazing. If you don’t have a 3DS or a WiiU then save up for those systems, or watch gameplay footage on YouTube.

The author was written by: Tyler Greene

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