Top 10 Underrated Video Games

This list will be based on games that don’t get the love they deserve, and try not to get it mixed up with overrated. The things that the games will be scored on is how good I think they are, the only rules are one game per series, no indie games (games with no marketing), it is okay if they were played by famous Youtubers, and they are not liked by many people. I will have reasons for liking said games and you will most likely enjoy them as well. Number Ten Monster Hunter 3, needless to say because of series on Nintendo such as Pokemon and Mario games it is hard for any other games on Nintendo devices to compete, but for a while there has been a series that the few patient ones have gotten to play, mostly because it takes a long time before it’s released to America, but even in Japan it goes unnoticed as a great game, and with the new aspects of the Wii U for the third game it made the experience so much greater than before, but alas few people bought it for either one. Number Nine Kingdom Hearts 2,  this one is simple, I like the universe it is very entertaining seeing what Disney character you will see next. Also, the reason it was underrated was because either people were playing one of the Pokemon games or they were playing one of the Mario games. Fans of the Kingdom Hearts series on the other hand didn’t even care about the game after a while because they found out that it would take a long time for Kingdom Hearts 3 to finally come out. Number 8 Alan Wake, had gotten a great score on it’s review (a score of 85 out of 100 on Metacritic) yet, it’s still underrated because it was one of the biggest blockbuster titles for the Xbox 360 and just went unnoticed by most gamers. I liked the whole idea of the game and the expectations that I had for the game after hearing about it was completely and utterly leaped by how good the game really was. The reason Alan Wake got messed up was because of the Trailer, it tried not to show too much of the gameplay and ended up making the game fall into obscurity. Number 7 Army of Two, much like Alan Wake the game itself was great but the trailer is again the problem. Army of Two had a great story that was ahead of its time, the story itself focusing on wartime profiteering and private military corporations taking over. Number 6 Bakugan: Battle Brawlers, maybe the biggest reason I like this game and a big reason you would like this game is Nostalgia, the biggest part of the gameplay is mini-games, this was frowned upon by IGN. The reviews and lack of advertisements is what caused this game to fall into obscurity. Number 5 Super Mario Sunshine, now hold on I know this is a Mario game, but it is just as underrated as some of other games on this list. There was the perfect amount of difficulty in it  even though the voice acting was pretty bad, I would happily sit through it compared to some other games out there. The game was so original to the franchise and easily could have been considered one of the greatest Mario games ever. Number 4 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. This game was loved by critics, every single critic really enjoyed it as did those few who played it. Sadly the games story, graphics, and controls were not enough to pull this game out of obscurity, the blame falls on the gaming community for not wanting something different and new. Number 3 Halo Wars, this game is from the famous Halo franchise, but do not let that fool you once again the game was tossed aside for going in an opposite direction, but another reason is because people thought Halo was ripping of StarCraft, they really weren’t that good; it was a great game with mechanics that brought strategy-game mechanics into consoles. Number 2 Age of Wushu, even though people would argue whether this game is an Indie game since it is on Steam; Steam is marketed and has advertisements therefore games with Steam are not Indie games. Making Age of Wushu a fair participant for this list. Age of Wushu is an amazing new MMO RPG and of course due to the WOW (World of Warcraft) crowd, Age of Wushu won’t be able to be seen by that many gamers.

The most underrated game is Mirror’s Edge. I know you’re probably thinking “why Mirror’s Edge?” To tell you the truth, this game actually came out in 2009 and at the time, almost no one knew what the game was, I know I didn’t. Mirror’s Edge had gained popularity later on two years after its release. So there you have it, the top 10 underrated video games in our gaming world.

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