Designs of the Future, Designs of the Past

As decades pass we begin to notice a change in architectural designs. In the 21st century,  we are noticing more contemporary style homes. However, these homes are not for the ‘shallow’ pocketed. One of these, “architectural masterpieces” can run anywhere from $253,789 – $2,345,789!

These houses may look modern and appealing to our youth. However, this house might not be the perfect house for a family. Sure some contemporary homes may be built for families but the modern architecture of these homes can prove dangerous to children. My case in point, the contemporary design is about bending edges to make the house pop with depth. That may add to curb appeal but may be dangerous for your little ones wondering about.

At first glance, the interior of this house looks sound. But upon further inspection we begin to notice corners protruding outwards, instead of remaining on the actual corner. Now granted contemporary homes aren’t the only style to do this, but if you study the picture a little bit more you begin to notice the, “open concept” style of living. Which sounds great for little children, you can let them roam about as you can keep your eye on them. But the open concept style of living isn’t the best for little children, they can easily roam into the kitchen where as opposed to a house with segregated rooms.

Now this article just isn’t about contemporary homes, but more so for the retro style of homes. There has been a slight decrease in modern style homes over the past few years. As a new style is arising from the depths again the average cost of one of these retro home ranges from $80,219 – $220,755.

Retro style architecture includes two main things modern fixtures, and retro attributes. Now I prefer this style of home over contemporary for a few reasons: 1. You can have a mixture of both modern and retro designs. 2. Unlike contemporary these homes tend to be family friendly. 3. This style of home reminds me of good ol’ Americana. These homes are usually refurbished homes for the late 70’s to early 80’s.

Notice the interior of this house opposed to the Contemporary home. At first glance it may just seem like a cry for help. But notice how there are no sharp edges, this house is also “segregated”. Now in this picture we see both retro and contemporary attributes in this image. The wall paper in this home represent something retro, whereas the furnishing of this house represents a much more contemporary idea. Sure, we can argue about how this house might not be the safest for children, but that is not the main point of this article.

Now whether or not you agree with me there is one thing that we can agree on, if you’re looking for a house that won’t break your piggy bank, then retro is the way to go. But if you’re look to live the bachelor lifestyle, then I recommend a contemporary home. Either way the house that you live in really comes down to your artistic attraction. Meaning whatever house you find appealing is more than likely the style for you.

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