Freshmen Will Love and Hate “Of Mice and Men”

I read the book Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. It takes place during America’s Great Depression, which lasted from the Stock Market Crash of October 1929 until 12 years later when the World War 2 Started. I have chosen George has my character because he has a story behind him. He has choices and action to make and it all deals with friendship, dreams, and sacrifices.

  George has a strong friendship with Lennie. George protects Lennie from everything. He told Lennie if he ever got into trouble to follow the river and hide in the brush.“Lennie— if you jus’ happen to get in trouble like you always done before, i want you to come right here an’ hide in the brush”. This explains that George cares and worries about Lennie that he wants him to remember to do what he was told, so he ask him repeat it so he won’t forget.  

 George and Lennie have a dream to own a farm, Lennie wants to tend rabbits also. They have to work on a old ranch to make enough money to buy a farm and can’t do anything to mess it up or their dreams goes “boom”. George tells Lennie not to say anything and make him repeat it, because george is afraid they won’t let Lennie work there because how crazy he is. “I’ll give him the work tickets, but you ain’t gonna say a word. You just stand there and don’t say nothing. If he finds out what a crazy bastard you are, we won’t get no job. But if he sees ya work before he hears ya talk. Ya got that?” When Candy and Lennie start talking about the rabbits Crook butts in and says “Where’s george now? In town at a whore house. That’s where your money’s going. Jesus, I seen it happen too many times. I seen too many guys with land in their head. They never get none under their hand.” Candy explains that they have the money for the farm and they almost have it all.

 Lennie killed his pup and trying to hide it from George or he won’t be able to tend the rabbits. Curley’s wife walks in the barn while Lennie is stroking the dead pup. Lennie explains that he likes to pet soft things, Curley’s wife reveals that she too likes to feel silk and velvet, and she invites him to feel her hair. he does, but his clumsy fingers start to mess it up, and she angrily tells him to let go. As she tries to get her hair away from Lennie, he becomes scared and holds on more tightly. When she begins to scream, Lennie covers her mouth with his hand. Then she begins to struggle and suddenly is still. Lennie killed Curley’s wife. lennie remembers what George told him when something bad happens so he grabs the dead pup and runs and hides at the brush. Candy discovers the body and later tells George. Candy asserts that he and George can still have their farm, but George realizes that it will never happen. Now George has no dream, and he will end up working like the other ranch hands and spending his money in a poolroom or “some lousy cat house.” Immediately Curley blames Lennie and says he will go for his shotgun and shoot Lennie in the guts. George suddenly realize he will have to make a sacrifice. Then Lennie asks for “the story” about how they are different from the other guys. George takes his hat off and asks Lennie to do so too; then he tells Lennie to look across the river while he tells him their dream once again. George then take the gun out  takes it off safety, he then explains about the other place is better, then shoots Lennie.

 All of this explains what sacrifices George took. What dreams he had. The friendship he destroyed. He thought there was nothing left to do after what Lennie done. He took the sacrifice because he wanted to do it himself. He had a very good friendship with Lennie, Lennie had listen to George until things got out of hand. Their dream was ruined for Lennie action and George knew that George didn’t have nothing left because of that.

It all starts with one action and ends with choice. and that’s why I picked George because he had choices and chose the right one, he had a million of actions and he took one. And that’s why George has a story behind him.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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