High School of Business Program

High School of Business is a section of the Lafayette’s business department. It’s a set of 6 courses over 3 years. Mrs. Ryan teaches the first two courses, then Coach Stough for the second two, and finally Mrs. Salanky with the final year. High School of Business has a few more opportunities that normal business classes offer, a meeting at the empowerU  yearly. You still get to go on all the normal business trips if you join FBLA or DECA. During the first semester of the third year, there is a community service project for each group. This year’s projects were the Dodgeball tournament, the canned food drive, and later during April the Alex Brand golf tournament. At the end of the year there is a presentation for all the third level High School of Business students to share their power point over there project. Another big project every year is during the first year of High School of Business is the business project where you have to make a product and hopefully make more money than all the other groups. The winning group gets to keep part of the profits after you pay off what you owe. High School of Business students are also involved in the hiring process for the Irish Mart and the Irish Mart Online, which will be back online next school year. They’re involved by making the applications and getting the word out to other High School of Business students, and other business students. They conduct the interviews after the teacher screening. Anyone can join High School of Business with the simple application that the teachers will hand out to freshmen in business classes. To get the certification that you finish High School of Business you need to take all three years, but you don’t need the first class to join the class the other years. High School of Business is the best way to get involved in the business program at Lafayette.

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