Senior’s Pay Attention!

T-Minus 2 months until another generation of seniors walks across the stage into adulthood, and begins life on their own. A good portion of our Lafayette seniors are beginning to feel the symptoms of “Senioritis” a nasty infection that causes lack of desire for all things school and/or senior related. These can include: not studying for that math test you had, sleeping for 28 hours at a time, and lacking the energy to read that book your English teacher gave you 3 months to finish. Senioritis could be deadly, or in this case keep you from graduating. Beware seniors, senioritis is real, and it is deadly.

With college looming just around the corner, some of our seniors express their plans for the future. Ashlyn Frye says, “My senior year snuck up on me so fast. All of my life people have been telling me that your high school years fly by, but my high school years have soured by me at the speed of light and slapped me right in the face. It is so crazy to me that I have to decide what I want to do for the rest of my life within the weeks and months ahead, and I am definitely not ready to be an adult yet”

Being a senior is an incredibly bittersweet experience, and you only get to have the full experience once, so enjoy it while you still can. Cheer on your team mates at the basketball games, stay up that extra 30 minutes to do that homework assignment, sign up to play a sport you’ve always been interested in, join the club you always thought you belonged in. Becoming involved in your school can not only save you from the vicious senioritis, but it will make your last high school experiences enjoyable ones!

Lastly, with graduation, comes project graduation. The project graduation committee is still looking for parents to join and help in planning, preparing, and funding. For more information on how to help or get involved, please contact the Lafayette High School office at 816-671-4220.

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