Testing Time at LHS

It is that time of the year when all students have to take an EOC, and for Juniors they have to take the dreaded ACT. This time of year many students will describe it as, “Frustrating” or “Nerve Racking”. It is crazy to think that one test can determine your future. For many of the Juniors when they take the ACT it is quite stressful. That single test will determine a student’s future. Moving onto the EOC’s, many I have taken. An EOC is basically the finale for a class, it can determine if you pass that class. This time of the year makes me want to pull my hair out.

On the other hand however this time of year can be beneficial in many a way. These tests will provide an abundance of information. If taken seriously the ACT can take you places, which can get you into places. Taking an EOC on the other hand might prove that you are smarter than you think. Me personally I know whenever I see my EOC score I get excited because I know that I am either really good at that subject, or really horrible at it. This time of year might be stressful but both those tests are super beneficial.

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